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42 Clinical OMICs January/February 2017 Precision Medicine PatientsLikeMe, the world's larg- est personalized health network, announced January 5 that it will form a research partnership with iCarbonX, a company based in China on the fast track as a provider of genetic artificial intelligence (AI). As a result of the partnership, Patient- sLikeMe will secure $100 million in venture capital and will in turn provide iCarbonX with multi-omics characteri- zation services, accord- ing to Ben Heywood, co-founder and presi- dent of PatientsLikeMe. PatientsLikeMe will be at the core of an alliance founded by iCarbonX, which also includes Som- aLogic, HealthTell, AOBiome, GALT, Imagu, and Robustnique—leading in bio, omics, and AI companies. The alliance will aim to digitize, analyze, and share insights and knowledge that can improve lives, said Jun Wang, Ph.D., founder of iCar- bonX. According to Dr. Wang, Patient- sLikeMe's unparalleled track record of engaging and empowering patients in their health was a key factor in his partnership decision. Heywood called the partnership with iCarbonX and the alliance, "very significant" and "a natural next step" for PatientsLikeMe. The partnership will not sway PatientsLikeMe from its original mission of providing a personalized health network for those who want to share their experiences to improve disease outcomes, Heywood said. However, partnering with iCarbonX will give PatientsLikeMe access to deeper data, "so we can measure even more, and eventually help people understand more precisely which fac- tors contribute to their health and the progression of disease," he said. "We're not doing science for sci- ence's sake; value comes when infor- mation modifies people's lives, and we're committed to giving patients information first, so they can improve their outcomes," Heywood said. As a first step in the partnership, PatientsLikeMe has already started to collect and analyze blood from some of its members with ALS and Parkin- son's disease, Heywood said. In conjunction with the iCarbonX partnership, PatientsLikeMe has also announced a new board of directors, to include: Jamie Heywood, co-founder of PatientsLikeMe; Martin Coulter, CEO of PatientsLikeMe; Philippe Amouyal, managing director of Invus LP; Jun Wang, founder of iCarbonX; and Chun Wu, co-founder and COO of iCarbonX.—Diana Manos iCarbonX Invests $100 Million in PatientsLikeMe PatientsLikeMe Co-founder and Chairman Jamie Heywood, left, with iCarbonX founder Jun Wang, Ph.D. Business Wire Foundation Medicine Taps Ex-Roche-Genentech Executive as CEO Foundation Medicine reported that effective February 6, Troy Cox would assume the position of chief executive officer to succeed Michael Pellini, M.D., who served as CEO since 2011. Dr. Pellini was appointed chairman of the com- pany's board of directors, while Alexis Borisy, founding CEO and previous chair- man of the board, will continue to serve on the board of directors. Dr. Pellini commented, "In the com- ing years, Foundation Medicine will face a series of key catalysts for company growth, and Troy's strategic, commercial and organizational acumen will be par- ticularly critical as we proceed through the FDA's parallel review process and, if approved, prepare for the launch of the first FDA-approved universal companion diagnostic assay for cancer." Cox has nearly three decades of proven performance in global, strate- gic, and operational biopharma leader- ship. He joins Foundation Medicine from Roche-Genentech, where he oversaw an operation of more than 1,400 people while managing one of the largest oncol- ogy portfolios in the U.S. Genomic Pioneer Craig Venter Steps Down as CEO at HLI Genetics health intelligence company Human Longevity (HLI) said on January 9 that J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., had stepped down as company CEO, and named Troy Cox, left, and Craig Venter, Ph.D., right. (continued on next page)

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