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JAN-FEB 2017

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Introducing the NEBNext Direct ™ Cancer HotSpot Panel Using a unique approach, the NEBNext Direct Cancer HotSpot Panel enriches for 190 common cancer targets from 50 genes prior to next generation sequencing. Combining a novel method for hybridization-based target enrichment with library preparation, the NEBNext Direct technology reduces processing time and minimizes sample loss. Ideal for automation, NEBNext Direct enables highly-specific deep sequencing of genomic regions of interest for the discovery and identification of low frequency variants from challenging sample types. Visit to learn more and to inquire about sampling this product. Target with precision. TARGETS INCLUDE REGIONS FROM THE FOLLOWING CANCER-RELATED GENES, INCLUDING >18,000 COSMIC FEATURES: ABL1 EGFR GNAQ KRAS PTPN11 AKT1 ERBB2 GNAS MET RB1 ALK ERBB4 HNF1A MLH1 RET APC EZH2 HRAS MPL SMAD4 ATM FBXW7 IDH1 NOTCH1 SMARCB1 BRAF FGFR1 IDH2 NPM1 SMO CDH1 FGFR2 JAK2 NRAS SRC CDKN2A FGFR3 JAK3 PDGFRA STK11 CSF1R FLT3 KDR PIK3CA TP53 CTNNB1 GNA11 KIT PTEN VHL For research use only; not intended for diagnostic use. NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS ® and NEB ® are registered trademarks of New England Biolabs, Inc. NEBNEXT DIRECT ™ is a trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.

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