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MAR-APR 2017

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Page 40 of 47 March/April 2017 Clinical OMICs 39 Injection Valve and Sample Loop for scRNA-Seq The Injection Valve and Sample Loop for single-cell RNA sequencing workflows enables straightforward, gentle introduction of evenly distributed mRNA cap- ture beads for individual encapsulation of cells. The Injection Valve and Sam- ple Loop is a complete module allowing barcoded mRNA capture beads in lysis buffer to be efficiently flowed through the RNA-Seq chip without clustering or blockages. Bead damage prior to encapsulation is negligi- ble as mechanical stirring is unnecessary, and its four-way valve, and simple, compact microfluidic connections enable seamless switching between the injection of the bead suspension and pumping of a driving fluid, with minimal dead volume and bead wastage compared to traditional syringe pump methods. Dolomite Bio Automated Extraction of DNA, RNA, and Proteins The new KingFisher Presto is a sample purification system that isolates nucleic acids and proteins for high-throughput labs. The system is designed to be part of an automated workflow using a liquid han- dler with a gripper or robot arm to purify samples with volumes from 50 ┬ÁL to 5 mL. The instrument's small footprint allows for easy connection to several liquid han- dling instruments in either a side-by-side or on-deck configuration, allowing flexible selection of platform and use for a wide variety of applications. Stackable, polypro- pylene plates and tip combs are designed to be placed by a robotic arm and suitable for many biological applications, including projects that require a sterile environment. Thermo Fisher Scientific Liquid Biopsy Oncology Panel Designed specifically for detection of mutations from liquid biopsy samples, the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel is a turnkey solution for sequencing, offering ultra-sensitive variant detection from low input quantities of DNA. The high sen- sitivity of Spotlight 59 makes it ideal for CTCs, cfDNA, and other challenging sam- ple types such as FFPE. Combined with ERASE-Seq, a statistically powered variant caller, Spotlight 59 delivers 100% specificity at 0.2% allele frequency. This new panel offers comprehensive and hotspot coverage of 59 clinically relevant oncol- ogy-related genes, using a 277-amplicon design to generate multiple libraries compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms. The product is a complete kit that includes all elements necessary for generating ready-to-sequence libraries, including primer pairs and indexed sequencing adapters. Fluxion Cancer Cell Lines This new range of cancer cell-line models and culture media for the most difficult to culture tumor types where no mod- els may exist, will allow researchers to advance precision medicine initiatives. Directly derived from patient tumors without any genetic manipulation, these cell lines provide the assurance of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability. Unlike traditional protocols for cell-line creation, these cancer models eliminate the possibility of large-scale cellular adaptation through culture and genetic drift. Moreover, these cancer cell models are stable and show a high level of agreement to the original tumor genotype through 150 passages via SNP analysis. The quality control of the cancer cell models are screened for all major categories of cell contaminants, including mycoplasma, microbial contaminants, viruses, cell-line cross-contami- nation, and STR profiling. AMS Biotechnology New Products

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