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MAY-JUN 2017

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6 Clinical OMICs May/June 2017 News CancerLinQ Deepens Alliance with Oncology Nursing Society CancerLinQ will expand its associa- tion with the Oncology Nursing Soci- ety (ONS) through a new partnership intended to draw upon the Society's expertise and thought leadership. "We are excited to enhance our work with ONS, as oncology nurses become further engaged within the CancerLinQ community across the United States," CancerLinQ CEO Kevin Fitzpatrick said in a statement. "Oncology nurses are playing a critical role in helping their practices integrate CancerLinQ into their daily cancer care." The new partnership comes two months after CancerLinQ and ONS launched the CancerLinQ Ambassadors Program, a national practice engage- ment initiative designed to provide on-the-ground support and guidance to CancerLinQ participating practices on a regional basis. ONS has begun recruiting from its membership credentialed nurses with experience in quality improvement, informatics, and technology who will serve as ambassadors and provide field leadership. ONS consists of more than 39,000 members and offers expertise in developing and implementing edu- cational resources and oncology nurse consulting programs. "Nurses will be integral in the collec- tion and utilization of patient-centered data that will help drive new advances in oncology care in the future," added ONS CEO Brenda Nevidjon. The ONS partnership is the fifth stra- tegic alliance announced by Cancer- LinQ over the past year with influential public, private, and not-for-profit orga- nizations. WuXi NextCODE Raises $75M in Series B Financing Contract genomics company WuXi NextCODE has closed on a $75 million Series B financing from existing inves- tors and partners, with plans to accel- erate the growth of its global genomic data platform. Proceeds will be used to further strengthen the company's position in informatics, expanding its capabilities in artificial intelligence and deep learning, and advancing the com- mercialization of its consumer solu- tions for the China market. Wuxi Nex tCODE's platform is designed to enable the correlation of genome and phenotype data at scale and speed, in population genomics projects, clinical diagnostics and appli- cations, as well as scientific wellness. "Through its comprehensive capabil- ities for digitizing, managing, and ana- lyzing genome data, WuXi NextCODE is uniquely positioned to build the open access and capability platform that enables any organization or individ- ual to benefit from genomic big data," stated the company's Chairman Ge Li, Ph.D., who is also founder and chair- man of global contract research out- sourcing provider WuXi AppTec. The company leverages artificial intelligence via its DeepCODE algo- rithms, designed to use DNA, RNA, microarray, and protein data to map pathways and identify signatures to classify disease. The algorithms are also designed to identify novel genomic variants to power improved health- care through new diagnostic tests and detailed understanding of biological pathways. Consortium Explores the Genetics Underlying Tourette Syndrome A consortium of researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Rutgers University, Massachu- setts General Hospital, the University of Florida, and Yale School of Medicine have used whole-exome sequencing ( WES) and de novo variant detection to explore the genetics underlying Tourette syndrome, a neurological con- dition characterized by vocal and phys- ical tics. Following an approach that has been used to study the genetic causes of autism, the consortium found that Tourette syndrome, like autism, is the result of multiple gene mutations. About 400 risk genes were identified sturti / Getty Images Ratsanai / Getty Images mkarco / Getty Images

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