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SEP-OCT 2018

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Page 40 of 51 September/October 2018 Clinical OMICs 39 New Products Personalized Oncology Roadmap for Oncologists Helomics—acquired earlier this year by Precision Therapeutics—launched its new Precision Oncology Insights platform that provides a personalized oncology roadmap for oncologists and their patients. The platform will initially provide its recommendations for gyneco- logic cancers, with a focus on ovarian cancer. Precision Oncology Insights first tests living tumor tissue from a patient to determine how that patient's tumor will respond to drugs. It then combines the drug response data with other genomic and molecular data. The results are then analyzed by its Helomics' AI-enabled knowledgebase called D-CHIP (Dynamic Clinical Health Insights Platform), to generate a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Precision Therapeutics Curated Genomic Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Sage Bionetworks introduced the Agora platform, an interactive, web-based tool that allows re- searchers to explore curated genomic analyses of Alzheimer's disease (AD), including a list of early candidate target nominations for AD. The analyses accessible through Agora represent the research data from dozens of scientists that are part of the NIH-led Accelerating Medicines Partnership—Alz- heimer's Disease (AMP–AD) Target Discovery and Preclinical Validation Project. AMP-AD has gener- ated a wealth of genomic, RNA expression, proteomic, and metabolomic data from more than 3,000 human brain and plasma samples collected in several NIA-supported AD cohorts and brain banks. The raw and processed data have been made widely accessible to qual- ified researchers through the AMP-AD Knowledge Portal, which has resulted in hundreds research papers. While use of primary data is typically limited to investigators with bioinformatic expertise, the launch of the Agora portal represents the first time that the analyses have been shared outside of the AMP-AD consortia members allowing new researchers to advance their own research questions. Sage Bionetworks PCR/CE SMN1 Kit for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Screening Molecular diagnostics company Asuragen has expanded its tech- nology into a new disease area—spinal muscular atrophy—with the launch of the AmplideX PCR/CE SMN1 Kit. The kit, for research purposes only, extends the company's technology to include the quantification of gene copy number variations by providing a simple and scalable determination of functional SMN1 copy number in as few as four hours. Compatible for use on Applied Biosystems capillary electrophoresis instruments, the assay works seamlessly with the company's AmplideX Reporter software for automated reporting of results. Other assays in the AmplideX portfolio of PCR/CE based test kits for genetic targets include FMR1, DMPK, C9orf72, and TOMM40. Kits in the pipeline, but not yet on the market include the AmplideX PCR/CE SMN1/2 Kit, the AmplideX PCR/CE HTT Kit, and the AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit, all of which will share the workflow common across all AmplideX products. Asuragen Air-Dried Master Mix for PCR Applications IVD contract research and contract manufacturer Biofortuna launched ampDRY, its patent-pending stabilized master mix for PCR applications, in late July at the AACC Annual Scientific Meet- ing and Clinical Lab Expo in Chicago. The ampDRY hotstart master mix was developed to enable complete end-stage or real-time PCR assay stabilization in a dry format at ambient temperatures for at least 12 months, eliminating the need for cold chain ship- ping and storage. ampDRY simplifies the creation of stabilized assays: oligonucleotides are combined with the ampDRY reagent and dispensed into PCR vessels, then stabilized by controlled air drying. Once dried, users add their DNA sample to the reaction prior to amplification and detection. The ampDRY master mix is available in both bulk and small volumes, to meet the needs of both commercial manufacturers and research laboratories alike. Biofortuna

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