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MAR-APR 2019

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THE LEADERS IN RNA. Take a new approach to beer predict therapy response with mulঞdimensional biomarkers. ImmunoPrism TM Reagent Kit & Informaধcs Use your own sequencing resources and apply the same reagents and machine-learning algorithms validated in our laboratories to derive powerful mulধdimensional immune biomarkers. ImmunoPrism TM CAP Accredited Service Submit paধent materials directly to our scienধfic experts and gain access to our CAP/CLIA laboratory with this clinically-validated assay. ImmunoPrism TM Research Only Service Leverage Cofactor's Health Expression Models to enable robust solid tumor immune characterizaধon, immune escape gene characterizaধon, and mulধdimensional biomarker discovery. Cofactor's ImmunoPrism™ Assay is offered both for Research Use Only (not to be used as a diagnosc assay) and as a CAP-validated assay. Please contact us to discuss which opon is right for your applicaon. | 888.602.0448 | 300 Brannan St #410, San Francisco, CA 94107 $100,000 GRANT PROGRAM - NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The program is designed to inspire the science, research, and clinical communiধes to take a different approach to producing highly predicধve mulধdimensional biomarkers. The successful applicant will receive access to Cofactor's technical team and faciliধes including reagents, sequencing, and bioinformaধcs. Learn more: hħps://

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