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MAR-APR 2019

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Page 36 of 51 March/April 2019 Clinical OMICs 35 SPONSORED CONTENT ANNIVERSARY ISSUE BlueBee: High Performance Data Solutions to Power Precision Medicine Providing Assay Manufacturers Complete Data Analysis Solutions to Grow and Serve Their Market B lueBee serves commercial partners—diagnostic assay manufacturers and large-scale clinical service laboratories with fit-for-purpose genomics data analysis solutions. BlueBee enables its partners to scale scientific, clinical, and commercial operations for increased value creation. In turn, BlueBee's partners empower their end users with a ready-to-go analysis and data management workflows streamlined for any end user, anywhere in the world. What has been your organization's biggest success or contribution over the past five years? I'd say our creation of the core BlueBee platform, starting in 2013, is our biggest contribution to a market that is still early in its development. BlueBee is truly unique in infrastructure, resulting in a highly scalable technology platform. We approached the data challenges differently than the others on the market— not "bottom up" from the content and then retrofitting a delivery platform around this, but rather, "top down," building a configurable, high performance delivery platform first, which accommodates any next-generation sequencing (NGS) or other omics application as defined by our partners. BlueBee offers limitless scale potential, collaboration with granular roles and permissions setting, clinical data security, global data compliance, guaranteed country of data residency, and more. All of this wraps up into a fit-for-purpose solution that is delivered on a per sample basis, just like a reagent and consumables kit, thereby eliminating the overhead that is traditionally associated with high-performance data solutions. What products do you currently offer to support precision medicine? What we offer rolls up into a "BlueBee data solution" for our partner's assay. How the data solution is configured is based on requirements from our partner. For example, if the data solution needs to meet medical device standards, a "BlueVantage" solution is defined. BlueVantage data solutions are ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 compliant, automate data processing, analysis, reporting, and secure data management leveraging private cloud technology. The secure BlueVantage solution reflects our partners branding, any data pipeline and visualization needs, and results in the desired clinical or research report and output files. Released more recently is our knowledge management solution, called BlueBase. BlueBase enables genotype- phenotype analysis from aggregate data. We see this seamless integration of single sample to aggregate data workflows as critical for precision medicine, in order to ultimately learn and improve assay development, and our ever-evolving understanding and practice of precision medicine. What are your company's biggest opportunities in the next five years? Our focus and commitment are first and foremost on our current partners and their end users. Their clinical, scientific, and business success drives us. Our growth opportunities beyond this valued base are in three main areas: (1) Diagnostic and research assay manufacturers as their digital go-to-market solution, extending their brand to results and insights, (2) Population genomics and other large-scale initiatives where scalability, data residency, compliance, community and collaboration are important and (3) High-throughput clinical and research NGS service providers. Due to the current market drivers of clinical genomics, we see the demand for fit-for- purpose, high-performance data solutions following this market growth trajectory. What are your most exciting products, services, or initiatives in development? In 2019 we are rolling out BlueBee's AI capabilities, which consist of unbiased machine learning to address the complex problems related to understanding genomics (NGS) data combined with phenotypic information. This will enable extended insight generation based on heterogenous data, with a focus on solving the challenges of exploring these varied, potential insights. In addition to this, BlueBee will become even more configurable with a UX around pipeline editing, to augment the always future-ready backend configurability of BlueBee data solutions. Hans Cobben, CEO, BlueBee

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