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MAR-APR 2019

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36 Clinical OMICs March/April 2019 Alex Philippidis Senior News Editor Companies Carve Out Their Niches in Genomics and Personalized Medicine Five-Year Super Successes 1 0x Genomics got 2019 off to a flying start at the J.P. Morgan 37th Healthcare Con- ference in San Francisco. CEO and co-founder Serge Saxonov announced that company revenues more than doubled year-over-year, to $146 million in 2018— from $71 million in 2017. Also in January, it announced a $35 million extension of its Series D financing, bringing total capital raised to $243 million. Meritech Capital Partners led the round, with Fidelity and Wells Fargo participating. 10x Genomics has scaled up operations by launching six new major products, and acquiring two companies. It bought epigenetics company Epinomics in August 2018, and two months later acquired Spatial Transcriptomics, a provider of spatial genomics technology designed to allow RNA sequencing to perform in 2D. "We are now addressing an emerging area of spatial analysis, which will integrate M ultidimensional, computationally rich approaches represent the next wave of innovation, taking personalized medicine to the next level, while demanding more of practitioners, who in turn demand convenient, informative updates on the ever-changing state of clinical omics," Clinical OMICs noted in introducing itself to readers with its first issue, dated April 23, 2014. Among significant players taking personalized medicine to the next level have been up-and-coming companies and initiatives that over the past five years have translated their research and clinical insights into commercial success. Below are six examples of companies that have carved out their own niches in the realms of personalized medicine and its underlying application of omics technologies and clinical genetic insights: "The key to our success has been rapid non- incremental innovation." —Serge Saxonov, CEO and co-founder, 10x Genomics ANNIVERSARY ISSUE Ca-ssis / iStock / Getty Images

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