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MAR-APR 2019

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Page 38 of 51 March/April 2019 Clinical OMICs 37 V eritas, The Genome Company, broke the prover- bial $1,000 genome barrier in 2015 by making whole genome sequencing available for $999 to nearly 5000 Per- sonal Genome Project (PGP) participants at Harvard Medi- cal School. The following year, Veritas began offering whole genome sequencing and interpretation widely to consumers at the same price through its myGenome product. Last year, Veritas went further down on price, with a limited $199 myGenome offer that sold out 1000 kits in less than six hours. "It proved the intensity of consumer demand and the need to continue to bring down the cost. By doing so, we can increase access, more meaningfully feed research that brings personalized medicine and prevention to the fore- front, and allow individuals to take more control of their health," said Veritas co-founder and CEO Mirza Cifric. Cifric and George Church, Ph.D., of Harvard and MIT co-founded the company with other researchers at PGP, which Church founded in 2005. "One of the key needs is to help families avoid the 5% of births with very serious genetic diseases," Church told Clin- ical OMICs in 2017. "Other compelling applications include avoiding inherited cancers by preventative surgery, cardiac risk mitigation with drugs and contingent diagnostics and pharmacogenomics." Since then, among numerous partnerships, Veritas teamed up with Inova in 2017 to create MyMap, which combines myGenome with Inova's MediMap pharmacogenomic test- ing, genetic counseling, research, and clinical resources. In April 2018, it joined with Genomenon to develop a next-generation literature prioritization engine. Also last year, Veritas rolled out two premium whole genome sequencing products. For $1,499 ($500 for myGenome custom- ers), myGenome Premium offers insights on 400+ genes associated with 20+ highly actionable conditions and 125 genes associated with 200+ carrier conditions. And for $2,999 ($1,999 for myGenome customers), myGenome Diagnostic delivers in-depth diagnostic interpreta- tion of all genes known to be associated with genetic conditions. "Our world-class clinical team sets us apart," Cifric said. "As sequencing becomes a commodity, a key differentiator is clinical interpretation. We have one of the best clinical teams in the industry, including more than 50 bioinformaticians, curators, developers, genetic counselors, M.D.s, and Ph.D.s dedicated to delivering the highest quality genomic services and information to consumers and physicians alike." "Veritas bet on the genome at a time when the prevail- ing viewpoint said the marketplace wasn't ready," Cifric added. "We felt differently, and that bold gamble has been proven correct." histology and molecular analysis," Saxonov told Clinical OMICs. "The key to our success has been rapid non-incremental innova- tion. Most importantly, this comes from awesome people across many dif- ferent disciplines working together in multi-disci- plinary teams. We work hard to nurture the right culture so that these teams are empowered to inno- vate, create and move with a sense of urgency." Saxonov said 10x Genomics solutions are used by more than 90% of top research institutes worldwide on initiatives like the Human Cell Atlas, the Immunological Genome Project, and the Vertebrate Genomes Project. "A crucial aspect of our culture both internally and externally is deep collaboration. We work together with our customers who are scientists at some of the best research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world," Saxonov said. "We also strive for meaningful partnerships with other companies within the industry—companies like Miltenyi, BioLegend, and Immudex—to bring the best solutions to our global network of customers." Mirza Cifric, CEO and co-founder, Veritas, The Genome Company Serge Saxonov, CEO and co-founder, 10x Genomic ANNIVERSARY ISSUE

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