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MAR-APR 2019

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Page 4 of 51 March/April 2019 Clinical OMICs 3 Publisher & CEO MARY ANN LIEBERT President MARIANNE RUSSELL Group Publisher SANDE GIACCONE Editor in Chief CHRIS ANDERSON EVP, Strategic Development KEVIN DAVIES Commercial Director BILL LEVINE Production Editor ROBERT M. REIS Senior Editor JULIANNA LEMIEUX, PH.D. Senior News Editor ALEX PHILIPPIDIS Chief Copy Editor STEVEN HERNACKI Contributing Editors CHRISTINA BENNETT, CAMILLE MOJICA REY, PH.D. Art Director JAMES LAMBO Online Product Manager SEAN HELMES Associate Director of Brand Marketing JENNIFER GATTI Online Editorial Supervisor KATHERINE VUKSANAJ Design & Layout DIANNE PAULET, BYRON DUQUE Advertising Sales Manager REBECCA SHUMBATA US East ( 617-435-4786) Advertising Sales Manager GREG VALERO US West & Canada ( / 914-740-2271) Advertising Sales Manager GARY KING UK & Europe ( / +44 (0) 203 0020070) List Sales SCOTT PERILLO ( / 914-740-2178) Sales Administrator FALLON MURPHY Advertising Material WANDA SANCHEZ ( Clinical OMICs Advisory Board DANIEL H. FARKAS, PH.D., HCLD Chief Clinical Laboratory Officer, Celmatix JEFFREY GIBBS, J.D. Director, Hyman, Phelps, and McNamara PETER HARRSCH, PH.D. Executive Clinical/Forensic Specialist, Waters Corp. ROGER KLEIN, M.D., J.D. Principal, Roger D. Klein, MD JD Consulting JASON PARK, M.D., PH.D. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center STEPHEN C. PEIPER, M.D. Professor & Chair, Dept. of Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Thomas Jefferson University AMIT RASTOGI Senior Vice President, Strategy, Growth, and Innovation, Inova DAVID SMITH, PH.D. Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Mayo Clinic KIMBERLY STRONG, PH.D. Director, Program in Genomics and Ethics, Medical College of Wisconsin LARRY WORDEN Principal, IVD Logix The views, opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations set forth in any article in Clinical OMICs are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy, or position of Clinical OMICs, its Publisher, or its editorial staff and should not be attributed to any of them. All advertise- ments are subject to review by the Publisher. The acceptance of advertisements does not constitute an endorsement of the product or service advertised. Clinical OMICs (ISSN-2334-1351) is published online bimonthly by GEN Publishing, 140 Huguenot St., 3rd Floor, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5215. For subscription information go to: Copyright © 2018 by GEN Publishing, New Rochelle, NY F ive years ago—April 23, 2014 to be exact—Clinical OMICs debuted its first digital issue. The brainchild of Sande Giaccone, publisher of Genetic Engi- neering & Biotechnology News (GEN), and former GEN Managing Editor Tam- lyn Oliver, the first issue's top story, Translating Omics into Cancer Biology and Medicine, led with a statement that is still fitting of our mission today: "The combination of molecular biology, engineering, and bioinformatics has revolutionized understanding of the factors precipitating human diseases, as well as potential treat- ment responses." With that statement as a frame, it is remarkable to think how far we have come. The completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project helping launch a national genomic medicine program in England and the ability to diagnose critically ill newborns within a day (as Stephen Kingsmore and team are doing at Rady Children's in San Diego) are just two of a list of accomplishments that were unimaginable to most in 2014. Yet despite all of these advances, Illumina CEO Francis daSouza reminds us in his piece on page 44 of this issue, What Does it Take to Drive Genomics into the Clinic?, that we are only at the very beginning of bringing genomic medicine into the clinic for more than just the lucky few. So while much work remains ahead, we took the time with this issue not only to celebrate five successful years of publishing our little contribution to advanc- ing the practice of precision medicine, but to take stock of how far we have all come on this journey. Beginning on page 19, our 5th Anniversary special section spans 21 pages starting with commentary from our panel of luminaries including George Church, Elaine Mardis, Stephen Kingsmore, Mary Relling, Liz Worthey, Ewan Birney, Dame Kay Davies, and Hunt Willard discussing how their work has helped move the needle in the advancement of omics-driven discovery and pre- cision medicine. Later in the section (see page 36), our News Editor Alex Philippidis profiles six companies—10x Genomics, Guardant Health, Tempus, Geisinger 's MyCode Initiative, Veritas, and Wuxi NextCODE—that have likewise significantly influ- enced the field, while also experiencing rapid growth over these past five years within their niches. While our list of researchers and companies is by no means comprehensive and only scratches the surface of the legion of people and organizations who are making their own imprints in this fast-moving and exciting field, we hope you'll take some time to enjoy the success stories we present here. We sure enjoyed compiling this issue and look forward to keeping our read- ers informed of advances in leveraging omics to provide precision medical care over the next five years—and beyond. FROM THE EDITOR Chris Anderson Editor in Chief A Quick Pause to Celebrate Five Successful Years

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