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MAY-JUN 2019

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10 Clinical OMICs May/June 2019 I t's an aspirational goal: develop a simple blood test that can detect cancer cells in an asymptomatic patient, locate the tissue of origin, and give that person an early diag- nosis when treatment is more likely to be successful. The ideal test would be able to do all that and do it with nearly 100 percent accuracy. The sequencing technology and advanced computing methods are already available. They have been used to create liquid biopsy tests that are being used in people with advanced cancer for therapy selection and to monitor disease progression. Next-generation sequencing allows for the analysis of minute quantities of cell-free tumor DNA (cfDNA) circulating in the blood. Machine learning algorithms are being used on large data sets to characterize the molecular signatures of various cancer types. These new tests represent minimally invasive and less costly alternatives to traditional tumor biopsy. Now, researchers are turning their attention to creating affordable, minimally invasive early detection tests (EDTs) based on liquid biopsy technology. Guardant Health has been in the liquid biopsy business since 2014 when it launched Guardant360, a next-generation sequencing cfDNA assay for treatment selection in advanced solid tumor cancers. The test can be used in multiple tumor types, but is most frequently ordered in advanced lung cancer. From the beginning, developing early detection tests has always been part of the com- pany's game plan. "When we started Guardant, we imagined that some day patients would go through cancer screening at their annual check-ups," said Amirili Talasaz, Ph.D., the com- Camille Mojica Rey , Ph.D. Contributing Editor Liquid Biopsy Companies Pursuing Both Early- and Late-Stage Cancer Detection Betting Blood on travenian / iStock / Getty Images

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