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MAY-JUN 2019

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VOL. 6, Issue No. 3 May/June 2019 May/June 2019 Clinical OMICs 1 @ClinicalOMICs 30 | Cell Line Misclassification Hinders Health Disparities Research in Prostate Cancer: One of the few commercially available cell lines for researchers studying prostate cancer in African Americans, E006AA-hT, appears to have been misclassified. 34 | Resist This: A collaboration between the New York State Department of Health, ILÚM and OpGen could serve as a model for controlling infectious outbreaks. 44 | OPINION Sydney Brenner A Fundamental Man: Guest columnist Tim Harris pays tribute to the Nobel Laureate who died recently at age 92. 46 | OPINION Medicare Should Stop Blocking Access to Next-Generation Sequencing for People with Hereditary Cancer 37 | NEW PRODUCTS 48 | INDUSTRY EVENTS Betting on Blood As liquid biopsy technologies improve both the capture of tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA, companies are pursuing both early- and late-stage cancer detection 10 10 Companies to Watch Our editors' selections profile companies for their promising application of "omics" technologies and clinical genetic insights to deliver on the promise of precision medicine 38 3 | FROM THE EDITOR Arrivederci Arivale 8 | PerkinElmer, Helix Partner to Launch ACMG 59 Genetic Screening Test: GenePrism: Actionable Insights is the first test of its kind offered to healthy individuals via a consumer platform. 18 | FEATURE Not If. When: Metabolomics' Impact in Cancer Treatments May be Just Around the Corner 24 | Finding the Needle in a Metabolic Haystack: OMICS-Based Method Identifies Causes of Rare Metabolic Diseases in Children 26 | In Conversation with David Bentley, CSO, Illumina: From the clinic to the Human Genome Project, Bentley has seen clinical genomics come full circle. Cover: Kittisak_Taramas / iStock / Getty Images Plus; Above (top right) KATERYNA KON / Getty Images; (top left) hanut iamnoy / Getty Images; (bottom left) Monty Rakusen / Getty Images; (bottom right) SERGII IAREMENKO / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / Getty Images

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