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MAR-APR 2017

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Page 34 of 47 March/April 2017 Clinical OMICs 33 OncoDNA's Research Projects Seek to Enable Precision Cancer Therapy Thanks to generous support from the Belgian Walloon Region, OncoDNA, a Belgium-based theranostics company, has launched two projects that could lead to significant advancements in molecular profiling and information shar- ing methods used for precision cancer therapy . The Walloon Region has approved a total sum of €9 . 05 M for the projects, which will fund more than half of the combined €16 M bud- get allotted to support projects Moncodaneum (€10 M), and Arche (€6 M) . The Moncodaneum project will provide cancer treatment centers worldwide with access to OncoDNA's Knowledge Driven Medicine (OncoKDM) platform by offering it as an online, subscription-based software . OncoKDM integrates data generated from different devices—genetic sequencing, RNA analysis, and protein analysis—and converts it into a single, comprehensible report that an oncologist can use to assess different treatment options. The platform will also allow oncologists to share an anonymized report with their colleagues throughout the company's web-based interface for sharing test results, OncoSHARE . "Oncology has become quite complex, and oncologists discuss cases with each other to decide which treatments should be given to a patient," explained OncoDNA CTO, Jean-François Laes, Ph . D . , who hopes OncoSHARE could become the "Facebook for cancer" by creating a community where "everybody could share his/her expertise world- wide." The objective of the second project, Arche, is a prospec- tive clinical trial to demonstrate the clinical utility of using OncoDNA's products and services to inform therapy selec- tion (OncoDEEP&TRACE) and perform subsequent moni- toring for recurrence using liquid biopsies (OncoTRACE) . The double-blinded study will enroll 1,200 patients with lung, bladder, or esophageal cancer with the objective of improving progression-free and overall survival compared to the current standard of care . "People are talking about big data leading medicine, but we believe that it's actually knowledge," Dr. Laes said. Arche and Moncodaneum will work toward providing patients and their oncologists with more knowledge in an understandable format that they can translate into better outcomes . OncoDNA said it is the only company worldwide that provides a comprehensive analysis of both solid and liquid biopsy samples using next-generation sequencing and pro- tein analysis. OncoDNA offers two tumor profiling options, OncoDEEP and OncoTRACE, that combine sequenc- ing and immunohistochemistry to identify the molecu- lar signatures of solid and liquid biopsies, respectively . —Meghaan Ferreira

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