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NOV-DEC 2017

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12 Clinical OMICs November/December 2017 In the Clinic G enome Medical, which bills itself as a national genomics medical practice, has announced it will use the genomic data analysis and reporting services of Fabric Genomics to provide its patients, doctors, and genetic coun- selors with insight into both targeted treatments and disease prevention. "Genome Medical is the first and only practice to specialize in genomic interpretation, both for patients and doctors. They have deep roots in genetics and genomics with their clin- ical genomics leadership team led by Steven Bleyl," said Martin Reese, founder, president and CEO of Fabric Genomics. "Their executive team has deep knowledge of what both patients and doctors are struggling with in terms of incorporating genomics into standard healthcare. Fabric Genom- ics was chosen by Genome Medical to be their tool to interpret raw genomic data. To make a correct diagnosis, clinicians need to look at the raw genomic data, similar to a radiologist looking at an X-ray." Under the deal, Genome Medical, in conjunction with its laboratory part- ners, will deploy Fabric Enterprise, a computational genomics platform for the analysis of data generated from high-throughput panels, exomes, and whole genomes with a focus on hered- itary disease and oncology. For Genome Medical, founded in mid-2016 and which first began pro- viding services to patients in January this year, the partnership with Fabric fits with its founders' vision of being able to provide specific treatments for disease and disease prevention based on patient's unique genomic profile, said Steven Bleyl, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer, Genome Medical. The medical practice is currently building a nationwide network of both doctors and genetic counselors focused on deriving insights from genomic data. According to the company's web- site, the goal of Genome Medical is "to bridge the growing gap between available genome technology and cur- rent medical practice." It will focus initially in areas such as oncology, car- diovascular, and reproductive health, but intends to eventually focus on preventative health measures by help- ing individual patients to understand how their genomic profile influences health and wellness. "We know that outside of major medical centers and academic centers, doctors may not feel as confident in ordering these kinds of tests, or where to turn to get this testing done," said Bleyl. "Our practice can help them find where to do this, and our staff of trained physicians and genetic coun- selors can help doctors and patients make sense of their results." Pushing a New Standard Genome Medical, Fabric Genomics Partnership Helps Push Genomic Medicine into the Mainstream By Chris Anderson bestdesigns / Getty Images

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