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NOV-DEC 2017

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Page 40 of 47 November/December 2017 Clinical OMICs 39 New NovaSeq S4 Flow Cell and NovaSeq Xp Workflow The NovaSeq S4 flow cell reagent kit and NovaSeq Xp workflow, for its NovaSeq™ 6000 System, extend the capa- bilities of the NovaSeq platform to enable high-intensity sequencing across a wide range of sequencing meth- ods. NovaSeq S4 flow cell delivers up to 6TB of output in two days and is suited for high-intensity sequencing applications. The S4 is geared toward larger sample numbers and will enable experiments such as 200x to 300x whole genome tumor profiling. Users can sequence up to 48 human genomes, or 384 exomes per run in less than 48 hours, paving the way for large-population-scale initiatives. The NovaSeq Xp workflow comprises the NovaSeq Xp flow cell loading dock and reagents, which enables users to load libraries directly into individual lanes of the flow cells. Users can partition samples and projects by lane whether mixing library types or imple- menting novel approaches to sample indexing. The NovaSeq S4 flow cells are shipping immediately while the NovaSeq Xp workflow components are expected to ship before the end of the year. Illumina Microfluidic Single-Cell DNA Analysis Tapestri is a precision genomics platform to support the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine. The Tapes- tri platform leverages proprietary droplet microfluidics to provide high-throughput single-cell DNA with a novel two-step pro- tease workflow. This methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability. The platform plugs seamlessly into existing next-gen- eration sequencing (NGS) workflows and includes the instrument, consumables, and software for downstream analysis. Its first application in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) targets 19 genes with 40 amplicons, single nucleotide variant (SNV ) and indel mutation detection. Mission Bio Self-Guided Tool Box for Genomic Analysis The Rosalind TM genomics analysis platform named in honor of pioneering researcher Rosalind Franklin, who made a major contribution to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA with her famous photograph 51 aims to sim- plify the practice of genomic data interpretation. Rosalind overcomes a number of the limitations found in existing data analysis tools. Complex tools require highly-trained bioinformaticians that are constantly overextended and in high demand. These skilled bioinformaticians spend valuable time on manual pro- cesses that could be automated. Service providers and kit companies lack scal- able analysis solutions to offer customers using their products. Pharma experts artic- ulate their need for robust, highly scalable d a t a m a n a g e m e n t solutions which enable them to securely and efficiently store, track, and share data. The platform guides researchers through the entire process, from experimental design to interpretation, for analyses including transcriptomics and epigenetics. OnRamp Bioinformatics Polymer Kit Enables IHC Staining of Two Target Antigens in One Protocol The ImmPRESS™ Duet Double-Staining Polymer Kit for immunohistochemistry delivers the same advantages of polymer stains including low background stain- ing, high signal intensity and the elimination of off- target binding. The kit enables fast, well-defined localization and visualization of two different target antigens on the same tissue section. ImmPRESS Duet combines highly active horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme polymers, conjugated to anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibodies to produce a ready-to- use HRP/AP formulation. Vector Laboratories New Products

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