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MAR-APR 2018

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12 Clinical OMICs March/April 2018 A pproximately 40 percent of Phase III clinical trials end in failure. By some esti- mates, that rate could be cut in half by the use of genomic data to select better drug targets in the first place. The problem, however, is that pharmaceuti- cal companies lack access to large genomic databases that could give their candidate drugs better odds of making it to market. As the price of whole-genome sequencing falls below $1,000 and races toward the goal of $100, building these databases finally seems within reach. That is if scientists can address privacy concerns and get individ- uals—especially those with diseases scientists are looking to cure—to contribute to these databases. Enter blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, and a handful of new companies— including EncrypGen, Luna DNA, Nebula Genomics and Zenome—hoping to be the first to establish the industry standard for blockchain genomics. All four companies plan on taking advantage of the nearly hack-proof nature of blockchain-based soft- ware (see sidebar) to ensure privacy and security of their genomic databases. Each company is also looking to compensate contributors using their own unique crypto- Camille Mojica Rey Contributing Editor Luna DNA Hopes It Has the Winning Model for Blockchain Genomics monsitj / Getty Images on the Blockchain: New Kids

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