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MAY-JUN 2018

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Page 42 of 51 May/June 2018 Clinical OMICs 41 Genome Medical is a digital health company with a mission to integrate genomics into everyday health care. It is the first nationwide medical practice focused on genetics and genom- ics, and its clinical genetics experts provide virtual consulta- tions over a tele-genomics platform (video or phone). The company helps patients, physicians, health systems, payers and employers navigate the rapidly evolving field of genom- ics to improve health, diagnose and prevent disease, and lower the cost of care. Services include pre- and post-test counseling, test requisition, development of clinical action plans based on test results, and peer-to-peer consultations. "We are seeing unparalleled advancements in genetics and genomics, and yet most people do not have access to the benefits of genomic medicine. Genome Medical was created to change that, as the first independent, nationwide medical practice focused on genetic and genomics. The fast, direct access we provide to genetic experts (genetic counsel- ors and medical geneticists) through virtual consultations helps patients and clinicians make informed genetic health decisions about testing and how to best integrate test results into healthcare planning," said Genome Medical CEO Lisa Alderson. Headquarters: San Francisco. Year Founded: June 2016. Company Founders: Lisa Alderson, CEO; Randy Scott, Ph.D., chairman of the board; Robert C. Green, M.D., chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board. Employees: 16. Major Investors: Canaan Partners, GE Ventures, Illumina Ventures, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Flywheel Ventures, and Health- Invest Equity Partners. Headquarters: San Diego. Year Founded: 2014. Company Founders: Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., CEO; Raghu Sugavanam, president; Gary Rayner, chairman of the board. Employ- ees : Undisclosed. Major Investors: Centene Corp. Headquarters: San Diego. Year Founded: 2014. Company Founders: Paul Mola, presi- dent and CEO; Barry Merriman, Ph.D., CSO. Employees: 14. Major Investors: Private In- vestors. Interpreta is an analytics company that intelligently syn- chronizes healthcare. A real-time clinical and genomic interpreter and care-navigation platform that leverage AI, Interpreta helps physicians and insurers to deliver patient prioritization and actionable insights prospectively to enable quality care, population genomics, and precision medicine. "Interpreta continuously aggregates and interprets EMR, insurer, pharmacy, laboratory, EMR, and genome sequence data against always-current knowledge bases in real time to optimize patient treatment," said Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., CEO. Interpreta's analytics engine updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a person- alized roadmap that is syndicated to multiple application workflows using a real-time API. "Like a GPS system for patient care, it continuously gathers and calculates multiple sources of data to deliver precision care guidance and real- time course correction as soon as new data arrives, with- out interpretation latency. This enables ACOs, health plans, pharmacists, care managers, and patients to quickly navi- gate next steps in priority order," Ghouri added. Roswell is taking a bold step to develop a transformative technology platform based on Molecular Electronics— ENDSeq Electronic Nano Detection Sequencing—to real- ize the $100, 1-hour genome. Low cost desktop systems, with simple single molecule workflows, will drive ubiq- uitous deployment of clinical-grade sequencing for equi- table access to precision medicine for all. Roswell's ability to deliver ultra-long reads for phased genomes, with high accuracy, and direct reading of epigenetic status could trans- form the practice of medicine. "Roswell's ENDSeq System is an endgame technology that will defy the current status of reading DNA, to unlock the power of the genome to usher in the era of Precision Medicine. Roswell's technology will shift the paradigm from sequencing individuals to sequenc- ing single cells for maximum power to unlock new insights in biology for the betterment of mankind," said Paul Mola, president and CEO. Arthead- / Getty Images

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