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MAY-JUN 2018

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42 Clinical OMICs May/June 2018 Nebula Genomics is a decentralized platform that leverages blockchain technology for the sharing of genomic and other healthcare-related data. "The Nebula platform leverages blockchain technology to eliminate personal genomics com- panies as middlemen between data owners and data buyers. Instead, data owners can acquire their personal genomic data from Nebula sequencing facilities or other sources, join the Nebula blockchain-based, peer-to-peer network and directly connect with and receive payment from data buy- ers," said co-founder Demmis Grishin, Ph.D. "This model reduces effective sequencing costs and enhances protection of personal genomic data. It also satisfies the needs of data buyers in regards to data availability, data acquisition logis- tics, and resources needed for genomic big data,"and how to best integrate test results into health care planning. Seqster contends it has created the of health data, as the world's first company to aggregate and com- bine matched longitudinal electronic health records (EHRs), genomic and fitness data from any source to generate new insights using machine learning. It puts consumers in charge of all of their health data to disrupt EHR, genomic, and fitness data silos. "The greatest challenge we face in healthcare is our ability to bring all of the data together in a common form while simultaneously addressing data own- ership, data security, and interoperability. This is because your information is siloed and stored in different EHRs, genomic labs, and wearable devices that don't talk to each other," said company CEO Ardy Arianpour. "With Seqster, you now have your own health data platform where you can unlock and generate value by engaging with your data and sharing it on your terms for the good of all." The plat- form allows consumers and their families to have all of their health data live in one place, in a common form. In addition to enabling data sharing for research, the platform allows users to designate access to caregivers and family members through HealthTrust—a legal framework for preserving and passing on health data. Seqster 's platform currently con- nects to more than 1,000 healthcare providers comprising more than 2,000 hospitals and clinics nationwide." Headquarters: San Francisco. Year Founded: 2017. Company Founders: George Church, Ph.D.; Dennis Grishin Ph.D.; Kamal Obbad. Employees: 5. Major Investors: Undisclosed. Tempus is a technology company that is building what the company believes will be the world's largest library of molecular and clinical data and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful. The company enables physicians to deliver personalized cancer care for patients through an interactive analytical and machine learning plat- form. It provides genomic sequencing services and analyzes molecular and therapeutic data to empower physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. The goal of the company is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as more data is gathered. "Tempus was born out of frustration with a healthcare system that too often let powerful data and real world evidence go to waste," said Eric Lefkofsky, CEO. "It is impossible to scale person- alized medicine efforts without centralizing vast amounts of phenotypic, therapeutic, and molecular data. Tempus addressed this by building an ecosystem to collect, cleanse, analyze, and apply data solutions to oncology through products that are driving real-time, clinical decision sup- port and cutting-edge research. Given the breadth and scale of our current data set, we're in a unique position to help usher in an era of precision medicine to support patients battling disease." Headquarters: Chicago. Year Founded: 2015. Company Founder: Eric Lefkofsky, CEO. Employees: Approximately 400. Major Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, and T. Rowe Price Associates. Headquarters: San Diego. Year Founded: 2016. Company Founders: Ardy Arianpour, CEO; Xiang Li Ph.D., CTO; Dana Hosseini, CIO. Employees : 15. Major Investors: Executives in Genomics, Healthcare, Diagnostics and Clinical Trials.

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